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At the core of any productive and meaningful relationship is a heart of service. This is especially true in the legal profession. Bottom line: Our clients expect results, and in getting them, they value honesty and diligence, sensible advice, and efficiency.

We opened our doors in 1994, and for the past twenty years, we have remained committed to the ideals first set forth in our original April 4, 1994 Statement of Purpose:

“We give you thoughtful advice and tenacious representation, whether it be on the job, at the negotiating table, or in the courtroom. We listen to your questions and concerns and provide you with answers and options. In every instance, we are uncompromising in promoting your cause and protecting your interests. We utilize the breadth of our legal experience and know-how to your advantage.”

Above all else, we value our clients’ trust.  Through relationship building, we continue to anticipate our clients’ needs so that the job gets done right.

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