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Law firm best practices often lag behind other legal service sectors. Take resource conservation.  Many of our corporate counterparts have moved to paperless workplaces, reducing their consumption of paper at an often profound savings. In contrast, law firms are still one of the top consumers of paper and office supplies on an annual basis. The bad news is that these fixed costs are often passed on to clients as hidden mark-ups.

We are committed to maintaining and exploring innovative ways to implement e-solutions in order to conserve resources and save our clients money. For instance, our intranet pages enable clients to view documents, discuss cases, and make suggestions online. We also advocate e-billing, where appropriate.  These are small ways in which we are trying to improve the business of law, while striving to be a good corporate citizen.

For more information about how we are using technology to cut costs and how this dovetails with our conservation policies, please email us.

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