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We defend the reputation and product lines of various industrial and consumer-based manufacturers and distributors across the United States. We have litigated claims involving chemical plant machinery, cranes and scaffolding material, commercial hardware and equipment, airplane component parts, construction safety gear, and recreational marine vessels and equipment.

In addition to representing our clients in litigation, we have also drafted product warnings, negotiated with component manufacturers to pay for modifications of products, provided advice and drafted documents for recall campaigns and protected our clients’ interests in federal and state agency investigations.

Representative Cases
On behalf of a Detriot-based recreational boat manufacturer, we obtained a not guilty verdict in a case involving alleged design defects which caused an 18-year old to sustain injuries that rendered him quadriplegic.
We successfully defended a Connecticut-based industrial manufacturer against tort claims brought by employees of a fast-food restaurant who burned themselves on our client’s food processing machine.
We successfully defended the manufacturer of a children’s chain link swing set against product defect claims by the parents of a girl who fell and injured herself while playing on our client’s product.